Taking risks for life's unguided
accomplishments... Follow the steady
rock pulse of The Wild March with a
landscape of world instruments,
and travel between the many places
at once.

in the character of...

Lo La Tengo
Pink Floyd

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Perro Bravo


Saharan Night

You Better Not
Count On Anything


Hard To Stay

Rumble Strips


J. Bradley

Tony Denaro
Dave Beaudin

TJ Dupras
J. Bradley

Instruments recorded and mixed through a variety of gear in numerous spaces...

Pin-Pia (3-stringed electric w/bamboo frets, Laos),
Fulani's 3-stringed fretless guitar (West Africa), Guimbri (3-stringed bass of the Gnawa, Morocco), Nishiko drum (West Africa), Tibetan finger cymbals, Indonesian wooden percussion, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Sonix-180 Deluxe, Epiphone ES-335,
Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone,
, Bass Trombone, Trumpet.

Special Thanks to
Larry Hirshberg
for hanging in all these years, Billy Hoffman for all the miles in between by land, sea and air, Dave Beaudin for gluing it all together, ESP for supplying the parts in monthly installments, mom for coming to one show, Jason Goble for recording and mixing us while we were too busy fighting to know how we might sound,
Marco De Ambrosio
for humoring my musical ideas, Tony Denaro for following through on our horn from start to finish and two discs of good grooving stuff, Devin Rau for showing up and helping us out,
for smoking, drinking and gambling, Andre for Andreizing,
Deni Lovett
for performing with me, John Kessler for listening, Frank for digging Mos Generator and telling the whole neighborhood,
for spinning it at home, Jeff B for saying it was so, Vink for the fuel and the musical partnership,
Taj Mahal
for the explaining, and finally the Top Hat for booking our endless jams...
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J Bradley, Bill Hoffman - drums, percussion, backing vocals, Larry Hirshberg - lead, slide and rhythm guitars, bass, Chaddd Curtisss - keys, backing vocals, John Flood - backing vocals, Devin Rau - backing vocals, Jeff Wright - drums, Mike Sullivan - Baritone Saxaphone, Alex Goese Goble - Baritone Saxaphone, Katie Gluck - Tenor Saxaphone, Wade Demmert - Bass Trombone, Michael Woods - Trombone, Marco De Ambrosio - Arranger, Trumpet, Edward Littlefield - Trumpet, Christie Wans - Trumpet